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Price: $38,000.00
Schneider National Equipment Sales
Bulk Dry
Pictures are not actual.&nbsp; Please call for details or price.&nbsp;<b><br></b>1040 Cu. Ft. Super Jet Lite Pneumatic - 3 Hoppers&nbsp;<br>Tank&nbsp; Construction - Smooth exterior, internal rings.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 5454-H32 aluminum vessel. Hydro tested at 37.5 P.S.I. 45 degree hopper slope with bolt-on spun cones.<br>End Frame&nbsp; &nbsp;Huck riveted aluminum end frames, with aluminum struts.&nbsp; &nbsp;Class I, as welded. <br>Manholes 3 20" Heil heavy duty cast aluminum manhole covers, pressure type with 6 aluminum&nbsp; cam actuated adjustable hold downs and Nylon wear plates. Located over each hopper.&nbsp; Aluminum cam handles and nylon wear plates, replaceable wear plates under hold downs, two stainless steel cover retainers per manhole. White neoprene gaskets in manhole covers. Manholes hinge on curbside.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<br>Shell Finish -&nbsp;Mill finish bulk trailer sheet.&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<br>Product&nbsp; &nbsp;Information&nbsp; &nbsp;Silica Sand&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<br>Misc. Vessel&nbsp; &nbsp;1 This Heil dry bulk trailer is designed and built for the highway transportation of dry granular commodities. It should only be operated on hard-surfaced roads. It is not designed for off-road use or for hauling any type liquid or semi-liquid (slurry). Use of this trailer for which it is not designed may cause damage and potential injuries. It is designed for US operations only.&nbsp;<br>
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